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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take for my cheesebox to arrive?
    We work closely with our chosen delivery partners and once your cheese box leaves us it should be with you in 24 hours. We are unable to ship on weekends due to the nature of the courier's schedule. All deliveries will be delivered between Tuesday - Saturday.
  • How does my cheese stay cool and fresh?
    No matter the weather your cheese will arrive as chilled as it left us. We use thermal liners or insulated boxes with icepacks to create the perfect chilled environment so your cheese can arrive to you in the best condition possible.
  • What will happen to my cheese box if I’m not in?
    When you place your order you will be asked to leave clear instructions on where it is safe to leave your cheese. These are perishable goods so try to ensure you don't leave instructions somewhere that could be in direct sunlight. Your cheese box can not be returned to the delivery company's depot. To support this we have a temperature control box for up to 48hrs. If you do experience any issues or have concerns please reach out to us at
  • How many people is this box ideal for?
    That all depends on how much you love cheese as we offer different size boxes. You may decide to use this as your cheese supply, nibble some here and there, use it when cooking, have it on crackers, in sandwiches, or even freeze it for later. Blue box is ideal for 3+ persons 5 box ideal for 4+ persons 8 box ideal for 5+ persons 10 box this is a tasting selection ideal for 6+ persons Our seasonal boxes are designed for both personal cheese consumption and entertaining at festive dinner parties, providing you with a wide variety of choices you may not have chosen yourself. This can be eaten over time or in one sitting. 3 box ideal for 4+ persons 6 box ideal for 6+ persons
  • What else comes in the box?
    Depending on the cheese box you have chosen it could include a selection of crackers, supporting chutney and butter. Please see our individual boxes for more details.
  • How long can my cheese keep for?
    We hope you start eating and enjoying your cheese the day it arrives however we recommend consuming your cheese within 14 days. It might need some love and care over that time, removing the cheese from the wax paper cleaning and drying the paper then re-wrapping the cheese to support its longevity.
  • How does the gift box option work?
    If you choose to send this as a gift and therefore is going to be delivered to a different address from the billing address, you can populate this information at the checkout point. You can also leave any supporting comments in the box provided and we will ensure this gets added to your order for the recipient. - Please note all email correspondence will go to the email address used that is used for billing - You can also let us know if you want the gifted box delivered on a specific date and we will endeavor to support this as long as it doesn’t go against our delivery ability
  • How do the subscriptions work?
    We offer a 3 or 6-month box subscription, this will start on the date of the first box shipped. Future monthly payments will be taken before the next box is sent out to you. If you wish to change the frequency of these shipments please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate. Please get in touch with us here or email us at

If you need any more information or have any questions we've not answered here, please get in touch.

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