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How To Be A
Zero Waste Champion!

Here at Hedgerow Cheese, we are passionate about reducing our impact on our planet.

All our consumables can be reused or recycled, and where possible, we reduce them.



You will not see any additional marketing material from us inside your boxes. We don't want to produce anything unnecessary or give you anything that will get thrown away, therefore being wasteful.



We are dedicated to ensuring we reuse what we can where we can.



We have made sure that every element of your cheese box and the consumables we use in our business can be recycled and reused. 

How Can You Help With Zero Waste?

When purchasing a cheese box from us, you will be able to select the option to send back your thermal insulating liners. We do understand that not everyone will put these on the plants, compost heap or even sew a cat bed from it. Our aim is to stop these from ending up in a landfill.

If you decide to send them back, there will be a fee to support the shipping cost (the same current charge from Royal Mail). We will then send out the return cardboard envelope tucked inside your cheese box so you can pop them in your local post box.

Please support our Zero Waste effort and reduce landfill.


What Can Be Recycled Or Reused In Your Cheese Box?


It is 100% recyclable and biodegradable and widely recyclable in all household collections centres, and of course can be reused, see how our family has done this:

Packaging ideas-005.jpg


Packaging ideas-001.jpg


Packaging ideas-004.jpg


Packaging ideas-002.jpg

Boredom Killer

Concerned about the stickers? Don't be they are all 100% recyclable!

Wadding / Packing

All our packing supports your cheese so it doesn’t move in transit.

It is 100% recyclable, biodegradable, a sustainable alternative to foam and bubble wrap, and widely recyclable in all household collection centers.

However this is clever stuff; its hive-shaped cells interlock to secure anything precious firmly. It does not require sellotape or glue to hold it together.


This could be used to help wrap your gifts, or secure your Christmas decorations, vase, or even treasured memories you wish to store safely.


Thermal Liners

Our thermal liners are made from wool which means they can easily be reused or recycled.

Wool is so malleable and flexible that it can be shaped and cut to be used in all kinds of unusual ways.

  • If you are a keen gardener you can use them to line your hanging baskets, wrap new plants during the frost or dispose of them on your compost heap.

  • For those who are more crafty you could make draft excluders, pet bedding, or even insoles for your wellies, or donate to a pet shelter.

If this doesn't appeal, you can ship them back to us so we can clean and reuse them, supporting our Zero Waste mission. You can select this option when you purchase your cheese box.

If you are reading this after you have your liners, don’t worry, you could save a few up and ship them back to us, in our box. Contact us so we can support your return.


Ice Packs

Hedgerow Cheese Ice packs are water-based and can be reused or recycled. Not all ice packs are!

  • The water-based ice packs simply contain water, one of the cleanest and most environmentally friendly resources, causing no damage to the earth. So you can cut the pack and feed the water to your plant. The package is a grade 4 recycled list product, so you will need to check with your local council to see if this can be recycled.

  • The gel ice packs (which we don't use) consist of an absorbent plastic polymer mixed into water and risk introducing microplastics into the environment during disposal. 

For reuse options try using these for injuries putting ice packs on the swelling. Use it for picnics or even better, keep your cheese cool while taking it over to a friend's or family's house to share.

Wax Paper

Our wax paper protects your cheese and keeps it clean but it is also 100% recyclable and compostable.


It can also be cleaned and reused if you ever wish to wrap a sandwich or some cut meat.



You will not receive any unnecessary marketing material from us only a Thank you card please reuse this by passing on to friends or family.



If you are unsure what you can recycle then please seek advice from your local authority as rules are always evolving.

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