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Shropshire Blue

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Shropshire Blue Cheese
Shropshire Blue

Hedgerow Classification


Tasting Notes

This creamy cheese is lightly laced with blue and coloured with annatto. The orange contrasts beautifully with the rich blue veins producing a cheese not just a pleasure to the eyes but also the taste buds making a flash of colour great on any cheese board. Being described as more mellow than Stilton and edging towards qualities of a Cheshire. Over the course of maturation, this cheese develops a natural orange-brown rind and has an earthy but tangy aroma. The flavour is strong and sharp, with a metallic edge coming through from the starter cultures.

Additional Information

Made in Leicestershire by the Clawson Cheese Company using raw cows milk. This is suitable for vegetarians.


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