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How to care for your cheese

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Cheese is a very individual thing what one person likes and another doesn’t... I suggest you try them all.

You will receive cheese that have been matured for different lengths of time, all stipulated by the producer to what they believe is best for their product. As I have freshly cut and wrapped the cheese for you I believe that this cheese is ready to enjoy now. I strongly suggest consumption within 14 days, however after seven days you may feel that you need to care for it.

  1. With a sharp knife gently scrape off any new mould growth as the cheese is still fine to eat.

  2. Trim off any edges that become slightly discoloured or too soft as the cheese is still fine to eat

  3. Gently wash the waxed paper with a soapy sponge or cloth, pat dry with kitchen towel as the wax paper is still fine to be used to re-wrap your cheese

  4. Refrigerate to eat later


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